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Mission Trip Videos


Dogwood Media Productions is offering a unique opportunity for those individuals who would like to document their mission trip and bring the images home to share with their supporters.

The ability to share what you have seen is vital to show your supporters what you accomplished on your trip. Since it is costly to hire a professional videographer to go along with you we have decided to offer you our services at a drastically reduced rate. I took my whole family of five on a mission trip to Uganda in 2008 and we had to raise over $15,000 so I know what it takes to raise support. As part of my ministry I would like to provide videography for your next trip as well as edit the final video for you. If you can take care of my airfare and pass the hat for a small fee for my time, I would love to help you out.

Below are a few samples of some of the Mission Work that I have shot over the years: